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Engels | Paperback | 9780241443620
Boek cover Five Minute Mum: Give Me Five van Daisy Upton (Paperback)
Five minute, easy, fun games for busy people to do with little kids
Ideal for early years to KS1 children who are learning at home. Daisy Upton has two little kids. She loves them - but they drive her mad. So, to try and keep her sanity she started to come up with quick, easy games using stuff from around the house. And @FiveMinuteMum was born. In her first book, she has collected 150+ games that take 5 minutes to set up & 5 minutes to tidy up. From pasta posting to alphabet knock down, it's a recipe book for guilt free parenting! And as Daisy was a teaching assistant, your little ones will be learning while they play! What could be better?...
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Engels | E-book | 9780241503812
Boek cover Five Minute Mum: Time For School van Daisy Upton (Onbekend)
Easy, fun five-minute games to support Reception and Key Stage 1 children through their first years at school
Ideal for early years to KS1 children who are starting or are already at Reception and KS1 primary school. Phonics! Number sentences! Reading schemes! School uniforms! Daisy Upton has two children, and used to be a teaching assistant, so is more than familiar with the reality of being a parent. This book is packed full of games and activities to help children feel confident and excited about learning. They -and you! - will get help with letters, numbers and everything in between. Daisy's games only take five minutes to set up and five minutes to tidy up you can support them at home...
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Engels | E-book | 9780241485101
Boek cover Five Minute Mum: On the Go van Daisy Upton (Onbekend)
From long journeys to family gatherings, easy, fun five-minute games to entertain children whenever you're out and about
If you've ever taken a child (or sat near one) on public transport - you know how important this book is. Five Minute Mum: On the Go is the ultimate companion to any journey, staycation or holiday: 80 games to keep little ones happily - and quietly! - occupied when you're out and about. Also featuring games suitable for big groups on holidays or at parties, this is endless fun for kids, and sanity saving for their grown ups!
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Engels | E-book | 9780241534212
Boek cover Time For Home School: Maths van Daisy Upton (Onbekend)
Five minute fun games and activities to support early years and KS1 children with number sentences, counting and times tables
An exclusive first look at Five Minute Mum: Time for School with the Maths chapter. It may not clear all those home school headaches, but it will make life easier- and a bit more fun too! The Maths chapter from Five Minute Mum: Time for School, is packed full of fun activities to immediately help support your child's maths learning including learning your number bonds, timetables and everything in between. Time for Home School: Maths is THE book you need if you're home-schooling, from former teaching assistant, bestselling author and social media superstar Daisy Upton AKA Five Minute...
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