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Boek cover Chaos Theory on the Financial Markets van Ditmitris N. Chorafas
Applying Fractals, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method to Manage Market Chaos and Volatility
Chaos Theory is a revolutionary approach to understanding and forecasting the behavior of complex systems. The theory, which utilizes nonlinear mathematics to identify the underlying rules of evolving systems, provides extraordinary insights into the dynamics of the financial markets. In so doing, Dr. Chorafas explores a variety of new approaches that provide an entirely new perspective on financial market analysis and forecasting. Topics in this book include: the concepts and mathematics of chaos theory; using nonlinear equations and fractals to forecast the currency market; genetic...
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Boek cover The Real-Time Enterprise van Dimitris N. Chorafas
Successful management teams can identify the cost and return derived from the implementation of new technology, and they can properly apply the technology toward gaining a competitive advantage. IT and business managers alike need a resource that enables them to prepare for future operating conditions, identify beneficial solutions, and use high technology to achieve organizational goals. The Real-Time Enterprise analyzes the forward-looking implementation of IT within a business, focusing on how careful planning can improve efficiency while reducing costs. The book includes case studies...
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Engels | Druk: New title | Hardcover | 9780750667265
Boek cover The Management of Bond Investments and Trading of Debt van Dimitris N. Chorafas (Hardcover)
Written for managers and professionals in business and industry, and using a minimum of mathematical language, The Management of Bond Investments and the Trading of Debt addresses three key issues: * Bondholder's options, risks and rewards in making investments in debt instruments; * The dynamics of inflation, and how they affect both trading in the bond market, and investment decisions; and * The democratization of lending, socialization of risk, and effect of the global economy on the bond market. Financial expert Dimitris Chorafas discusses these issues in straightforward language for...
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Engels | Druk: 2015 ed. | Hardcover | 9783319091884
Boek cover Science and Technology van Dimitris N. Chorafas (Hardcover)
The aim of this book is to explore science and technology from the viewpoint of creating new knowledge, as opposed to the reinterpretation of existing knowledge in ever greater but uncertain detail. Scientists and technologists make progress by distinguishing between what they regard as meaningful and what they consider as secondary or unimportant. The meaningful is dynamic; typically, the less important is static. Science and technology have made a major contribution to the culture and to the standard of living of our society. From antiquity to the present day, the most distinguished...
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Engels | Druk: 2013 ed. | Paperback | 9781447161479
Boek cover Quality Control Applications van Dimitris N. Chorafas (Paperback)
Quality control is a constant priority in electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, and nuclear engineering - as well as in the vast domain of electronics, from home appliances to computers and telecommunications. Quality Control Applications provides guidance and valuable insight into quality control policies; their methods, their implementation, constant observation and associated technical audits. What has previously been a mostly mathematical topic is translated here for engineers concerned with the practical implementation of quality control. Once the fundamentals of quality control are...
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Engels | E-book | 9781317145929
Boek cover Education and Employment in the European Union van Dimitris N. Chorafas (Onbekend)
The Social Cost of Business
Education, employment policy, and pensions are inextricably linked and critical to any sort of business or economic revival, let alone success, and all three are addressed in Education and Employment in the European Union. In the first part of this meticulously researched and highly informative book, Dimitris Chorafas argues that European educational standards, from primary schools through to universities, leave much to be desired. The author then turns to employment. Already affected by problems with education, employment is fettered by structural issues, ranging from inflexible labour laws...
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