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Engels | Druk: 2 | Paperback | 9780132398565
Boek cover How to Run Successful Projects van Fergus O Connell (Paperback)
The Silver Bullet
A step-by-step guide to successful software project management.Outlines ten steps that lead to project success. Presents a Probability Success Indicator that has been proven in more than 500 projects. Includes a simplified, easy-to-implement treatment of software estimation. Shows how time management plays a critical role in project success. Helps project managers avoid running late, running over budget, or failing to deliver what was promised.Anyone involved in project management, especially software project managers.
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Engels | Paperback | 9780755318674
Boek cover Work Less, Achieve More van fergus oconnell (Paperback)
Great Ideas To Get Your Life Back
For many people, a successful work/life balance is frustratingly elusive. A typical worker might expect to be filled with dread on a Monday morning, work increasingly long hours, feel constantly stressed, and struggle to maintain a decent quality of life. Work/life balance is typically seen as a time-management issue, but that's not it. Working harder in the little time you have won't help. What's needed is a change of attitude, where you can stop tearing your hair out, and go home feeling happy, confident and stress-free. In the process, you will become much more productive, relaxed and an...
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Engels | Druk: 3rd edition | Paperback | 9780273720775
Boek cover Simply Brilliant 3e van fergus oconnell (Paperback)
The competitive advantage of common sense
Life is complicated enough. Yet we go out of our way creating hoops to jump through and tough problems to wrestle with. We're so busy with the rush of everyday business that we often forget to use the most powerful weapon around - common sense. Simply Brilliant makes common sense common practice, offering up a simple set of principles to attack problems you encounter every day, in and outside of work. You'll discover how to look for simple solutions and direct approaches. Even the smartest people need the simple to be truly brilliant.
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780857081315
Boek cover What You Need to Know about Project Management van fergus oconnell (Paperback)
What You Need to Know About Project Management Project Management is all about getting things done without spending too much or taking too long. But when you start hearing things like man-days, PSOs and stakeholders, it just makes it difficult to understand. So what do you really need to know about project management? Find out: * Why setting clear goals matters * How to estimate absolutely everything. * How to get things back on track after they ve gone wrong * How to track big projects * Why work/life balance matters when you re running a big project This clear and simple approach will mean...
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Duitstalig | Paperback | 9783864700910
Boek cover Mehr Einkommen bei weniger Stress van fergus oconnell (Paperback)
Lernen Sie die geheime Wissenschaft vom Wohlstand kennen...
Je weniger Geld man besitzt, umso wichtiger wird es im Leben. Geldsorgen und Zukunftsängste bestimmen den Alltag vieler Menschen. Fergus O'Connell zeigt, wie man dem Geld sprichwörtlich entgegengehen kann, statt ihm nachzulaufen. In der Tradition von Bestsellern wie ''The Secret'' und ''Die 4-Stunden-Woche'' kommt hier das neue Werk von Fergus O'Connell. Er bietet klare Strategien für alle Menschen, die ihr Leben selbst in die Hand nehmen und nicht länger nur Teil des Hamsterrads sein wollen. Kernfrage des Buchs ist: ''Wie kann ich Geld verdienen, indem ich etwas mache, was mir Freude...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781783082018
Boek cover Candlelight van fergus oconnell (Paperback)
Autumn, 1914. Clara, a passionate young London wife and the mother of two small girls, is married to Henry, who she discovers is having an affair. Clara too has fallen in love with someone else – James, a divorced man who works at the Foreign Office. When both men enlist and go off to the front, Clara must wait fearfully to see which, if either of them, will return from the fighting. Meanwhile, the inept politicians who allowed the war to start are replaced by the inept generals, and so the war drags on with huge loss of life. It looks as though Clara has lost her chance for happiness....
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781783081899
Boek cover Candlelight van fergus oconnell (Onbekend)
Autumn, 1914. Clara, a passionate young London wife and the mother of two small girls, has seen both her husband and the man she loves go off to fight on the front. The inept generals take over from the inept politicians, and so the war drags on, while Clara waits fearfully to see which, if either of her men, will return. It looks as though Clara has lost her chance for happiness. Can she find the courage for one last desperate attempt to make her dreams come true?
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Engels | Druk: 4 | E-book | 9780273768098
Boek cover Simply Brilliant van fergus oconnell (Onbekend)
The common-sense guide to success at work
Head banging against a brick wall? Nagging problem you just can't solve? You're not the only one. An astonishing number of intelligent people struggle to find solutions to some of the complex, varied and often frustrating problems we face in our day-to-day work. Whether it's a major project, a minor quibble or something in between, a short, sharp dose of Fergus O'Connell's simply brilliant advice gives you the tools to tackle problems head-on and join the few who manage to make common sense common practice. Through seven simple steps you'll learn how to: Break down the complex and...
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Engels | E-book | 9781472119070
Boek cover How a Little Planning Beats a Lot of Firefighting van fergus oconnell (Onbekend)
Use simple planning skills to transform your productivity
If you've ever been told that you "have to do more with less' or "work smarter not harder' and wondered what these things are supposed to mean, this book gives you the answer. It shows how a little planning - normally thought of as being the preserve of large undertakings, great construction projects or huge sporting events or military offensives – will indeed enable you to get more done with less effort.
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