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Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9781842271629
Boek cover Justice, Mercy and Humility van  (Paperback)
Integral Mission and the Poor
Justice, Mercy and Humility explores the challenge of integral mission among the poor today. It locates the Christian response within a world of alternatives - alternatives at the macro-level of policies and advocacy and the micro-level of lifestyle and affirms the need to integrate ourselves within a total missional response to the poor. Combing case studies from around the world with Jesus' own teaching and ministry, the book considers what it means for the church to be a countercultural ministry and in doing so raises new questions about what it means to be church. Included are...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9781595340252
Boek cover Hi Mom, Send Sheep van Tim Derk (Hardcover)
My Life as the Coyote and After
At the age of 47, Tim Derk's career as mascot for the San Antonio Spurs was soaring as the team headed toward their second NBA Championship. That career ended abruptly when he suffered a massive stroke. Despite remarkable success in regaining speech and movement, Derk knew there was no going back. Hi Mom, Send Sheep! is his fond look at his years as the Coyote. Beginning with his recruitment from a community theater stage, through the early days when he carried his improvised costume to the arena in garbage bags, to the heady championship years, Derk paints a vivid picture of his life in the...
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Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9781842273203
Boek cover Mission and the Coming of God van Tim Chester (Paperback)
Eschatology, The Trinity and Mission in the Theology of Jurgen Moltmann
How does the eschatological future impinge on the present? Is the kingdom of God present outside the confession of Christ in movements towards social justice? Is Christian hope a stimulus to social involvement or an alternative? And how does the present impinge on the eschatological future? What is the relationship between our actions now and the new creation? Is there eschatological continuity between the two? J. rgen Moltmann, one of our most influential contemporary theologians, has had much to say both on eschatology and its relationship to mission. This book explores his thought along...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789054721543 | Geen personage | 213 pagina's
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Boek cover Vancouver 210210 van Mark Tuitert (Paperback)
zonder strijd geen overwinning
Op 21 februari 2010 schreef Mark Tuitert schaatsgeschiedenis. Met een ongekende explosie van kracht en bezieling verwees hij op de 1.500 meter de onverslaanbaar geachte topfavoriet Shani Davis naar de tweede plaats. 38 jaar nadat Ard Schenk olympisch kampioen op dit koningsnummer was geworden, was er eindelijk weer een Nederlander die de olympische titel op de 1.500 meter veroverde: Mark Tuitert uit Holten. In VANCOUVER210210 vertelt Mark Tuitert vanuit het hart en ongecensureerd over de lange zoektocht die aan dat succes voorafging en waarom hij, de Europees kampioen allround van 2004, zo...
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Engels | E-book | 9781595341280
Boek cover Hi Mom, Send Sheep! van Tim Derk (Onbekend)
My Life as the Coyote and After
At 47, Tim Derk had long been the San Antonio Spur"s crowd-pleasing Coyote and was widely regarded as the NBA"s funniest, most inventive mascot. Then, as the Spurs were headed toward their third championship, Derk suffered a massive stroke and his seemingly charmed existence was shattered. Here, he recounts his courageous battle to recover from the stroke"s devastating impact, both on his body and his career. Amusing reminiscences of Spurs" players and owners, and of his own on-court hijinks, enliven Derk"s uplifting tale of stroke survival.
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Engels | Paperback | 9781842277812
Boek cover Joseph Smale van Tim Welch (Paperback)
God's 'Moses' for Pentecostalism
Joseph Smale was a catalytic figure in the church life of los Angeles, leading many towards the 'Promised land' of Pentecostal blessing in 1905-1906; although his subsequent experiences led him to retreat from the burgeoning Pentecostal movement. Joseph Smale (1867-1926) was one of the central figures involved in the chain of events leading to the 1906 Azusa Street revival in los Angeles. This study presents the diverse influences which impacted Smale - formative years in Britain, growing up in Cornwall and Somerset amid a rhythm of Wesleyan revival; reformed theological training under the...
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