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Engels | Hardcover | 9780916990411
Boek cover Modeling With Nlp van Robert D. Dilts (Hardcover)
This text covers the NLP modelling process and its applications. The results define the key communication and relational skills employed by effective leaders to achieve practical results in their working reality, in order to "create a world to which people want to belong".
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781785831621
Boek cover Heros Journey van Stephen Gilligan (Paperback)
A Voyage of Self Discovery
Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts truly take you on a voyage of self-discovery. The Hero's Journey examines the questions: How can you live a meaningful life? What is the deepest life you are called to, and how can you respond to that call? It is about how to discover your calling and how to embark on the path of learning and transformation that will reconnect you with your spirit, change negative beliefs and habits, heal emotional wounds and physical symptoms, deepen intimacy, and improve self-image and self-love. Along this path we inevitably meet challenges and confronting these...
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Engels | E-book | 9780996200462
Boek cover Next Generation Entrepreneurs van Robert Brian Dilts (Onbekend)
Live Your Dreams and Create a Better World Through Your Business
Next Generation Entrepreneurs is the first volume of the Success Factor Modeling series by renowned author and consultant Robert Dilts. Success Factor ModelingTM is a methodology whose purpose is to identify key characteristics and capabilities shared by successful entrepreneurs, teams and ventures. It then applies these to define specific processes and skills that can be used by others to greatly increase their chances of producing impact and achieving success. Next Generation Entrepreneurs presents models, tools, exercises, illustrations and case examples - of both world famous and...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780996200448
Boek cover Success Factor Modeling, Volume III: Conscious Leadership and Resilience van Robert Brian Dilts (Paperback)
Orchestrating Innovation and Fitness for the Future
Success Factor Modeling, Volume III: Conscious Leadership and Resilience: Orchestrating Innovation and Fitness for the Future
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Engels | E-book | 9780996200486
Boek cover Success Factor Modeling Volume III: Conscious Leadership and Resilience van Robert Brian Dilts (Onbekend)
Orchestrating Innovation and Fitness for the Future
We live in a challenging and ever changing world. As the rate of change accelerates, it brings with it increasing instability, uncertainty and risk. Creating a successful and sustainable venture under such conditions requires a high degree of conscious leadership, innovation and resilience. Robust and durable leaders, teams and ventures are those that are “fit for the future”; i.e., able to ride the inevitable waves of change and to navigate the path of dangers and opportunities that comes with those waves. By examining the mindset and actions of successful entrepreneurs and leaders...
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Engels | E-book | 9781947629059
4 op 5 sterren
Boek cover From Coach to Awakener van Robert Brian Dilts (Onbekend)
Coaching is the process of helping people and teams to perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their personal bests, and facilitating them to function more effectively as members of a team. Historically, coaching has been focused toward achieving improvement with respect to a specific behavioral performance. This involves promoting the development of that person’s behavioral competence through careful observation and feedback. In recent years, the notion of coaching has...
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Engels | E-book | 9781947629066
4.5 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Sleight of Mouth van Robert Dilts (Onbekend)
The Magic of Conversational Belief Change
Sleight of Mouth is about the magic of words and language. Language is one of the key representational systems from which we build our mental models of the world, and has a tremendous influence upon how we perceive and respond to the world around us. As Sigmund Freud pointed out, “Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing.” The right words at the right time can be uplifting, changing the course of someone’s life for the better; opening up new vistas and possibilities. Unfortunately, words can also confuse and limit us as easily as they can empower us. The wrong...
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Engels | E-book | 9781947629127
Boek cover Strategies of Genius van Robert Brian Dilts (Onbekend)
Volume I
It has been said that human history is nothing more than a record of the deeds and ideas of great men and women. Ever since people began to turn their attention inward to examine their own thought processes, one of the hopes and promises of psychological inquiry has been to map out the key features of the mind that will allow our own thoughts to soar with the giants of history. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides a new set of tools that can allow us to take major steps toward this promising but elusive goal. The mission of NLP is to define and extend the leading edge of human...
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Engels | E-book | 9781947629332
Boek cover NLP II: The Next Generation van Robert Brian Dilts (Onbekend)
Enriching the Study of the Structure of Subjective Experience
NLP II: The Next Generation is about significant new developments in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Founded on the “study of the structure of subjective experience,” NLP has developed some very powerful tools and skills for communication and change in a diverse assortment of professional areas including: coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, education, health, law, business, sales, and parenting. NLP processes and procedures address an impressive range of topics and issues, including the treatment of phobias, traumas and emotional disorders, techniques for accelerated...
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Engels | E-book | 9781947629431
Boek cover GENERATIVE CONSULTING van Robert B Dilts (Onbekend)
Tools for creativity, consciousness and collective transformation
To "generate" means to create something that has not previously existed. The focus of "generative change" is to cultivate creativity: in teams, ventures, relationships and individuals. The goal of generative consulting, in particular, is to help teams and organizations evolve and function in ways that are both new and more effective. Generative consulting often requires introducing a whole new mindset into an organization. This new mindset includes cognitive understanding but also involves engaging other forms of intelligence, such as somatic intelligence, emotional intelligence and...
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