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Engels | Druk: 2 | Paperback | 9780632054046

Paul Murray
Afbeelding van The Biology of Disease
The second edition of The Biology of Disease is an introductory level text on the biological principles of human disease. The book is aimed at medical students in degree courses in biomedical science. The book fuses the biological (physiological and biochemical) processes which underlie the clinical manifestations of disease. As such, it brings together material which is conventionally dealt with by several books. The authors have covered the fundamentals of each topic in a readable manner, which should encourage students to develop a fuller understanding, where necessary, by reference to...
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Engels | Druk: 9th edition | Hardcover | 9780851993775

G. C. Ainsworth
Afbeelding van Ainsworth and Bisbys Dictionary of the Fungi
First published in 1943 and updated here from the 1995 edition, the dictionary provides an entry point to the accumulated knowledge on the major groups traditionally studied by mycologists, including lichens, mushrooms, slime moulds, water moulds, and yeasts. Three major concerns have informed the most recent edition: revising the classification of the Ascomycota based on recent ribosomal DNA and other data; revising Basidiomycota based on molecular studies to integrate the gastromycetous and hymanomycetous fungi into a single system; and integrating those fungi that are not known to produce...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781846534393

Paul Cornell
Afbeelding van Captain Britain And Mi13
Vampire State
The fate of Britain hangs in the balance when the Skrull invade
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781449434168

Ardie A. Davis, Phb
Afbeelding van Americas Best BBQ - Homestyle
What the Champions Cook in Their Own Backyards
Take your backyard cookouts to a whole new level. It began with one simple question: What do championship barbecuers love to cook for themselves, when there are no rules but the simple laws of physics and basic chemistry? With more than thirty years of barbecue contest experience apiece, Ardie A. Davis, professional barbecue judge and barbecue historian extraordinaire, and KC Baron of Barbeque Paul Kirk, with a slew of awards under his belt—including seven world championships—were just the guys to ask it. America's Best BBQ—Homestyle collects the best backyard cookout recipes from...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780740790225

Phb,Ardie A. Davis
Afbeelding van Americas Best BBQ
100 Recipes from America's Best Smokehouses, Pits, Shacks, Rib Joints, Roadhouses, and Restaurants
Hungry for something different? Then try America's Best BBQ. Here, two of the world's top barbecue experts present their favorite barbecue recipes from across America. Only Ardie and Paul, the go-to sources on barbecue, can earn the trust--and the secret recipes--from some of the nation's barbecue legends. Tasty sides include tips, tricks, techniques, fun memorabilia, full-color photos, and firsthand recollections of tales from the pits culled from over a century of combined barbecue experience. With more than 100 recipes for mouthwatering starters, moist and flavorful meats, classic...
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Engels | E-book | 9781558325128

Paul Kirk
Afbeelding van Paul Kirks Championship Barbecue Sauces
175 Make-Your-Own Sauces, Marinades, Dry Rubs, Wet Rubs, Mops and Salsas
It's easy for any backyard chef to serve up tantalizing food from the grill! Paul Kirk offers 175 winning recipes that impart bold, zesty flavor to every cut of meat. Kirk covers the classic American sauces—with tomatoes, mustard, sugar, or vinegar at their base—and offers up a wealth of fresh and creative brews flavored with such things as raspberries, pineapple, ginger, chile peppers, and more. In special Master Classes and elsewhere, Kirk reveals the basic building blocks of spice mixtures, rubs, marinades, bastes, and sauces. He explains how to layer them during the cooking process,...
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Engels | E-book | 9781461674627

Margaret O. Steinfels
Afbeelding van American Catholics and Civic Engagement
A Distinctive Voice
Sheed & Ward, in partnership with the Commonweal Foundation and with funding from the Pew Charitable Trust, proudly presents the first of two volumes in a groundbreaking series called American Catholics in the Public Square. The result of a three-year study sponsored by Pew aimed at understanding the contributions to U.S. civic life of the Catholic, Jewish, mainline and evangelical Protestant, African-American, Latino, and Muslim communities in the United States, the two volumes in this series gather selected essays from the Commonweal Colloquia and the joint meetings organized by the...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780739194362

Don Ihde, Stony Brook University
Afbeelding van Postphenomenological Investigations
Essays on Human-Technology Relations
Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays on Human–Technology Relations provides an introduction to the school of thought called postphenomenology and showcases projects at the cutting edge of this perspective. Postphenomenology presents a unique blend of insights from the philosophical traditions of phenomenology and American pragmatism, and applies them to studies of user relations to technologies. These studies provide deep descriptions of the ways technologies transform our abilities, augment our experience, and shape the world around us. This book proceeds with a preface by Don Ihde,...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781511673570

Andrew Paul Bowden
Afbeelding van See You in Kirk Yetholm
The Pennine Way. The grandfather of walking trails in the UK. For over 60 years walkers have been drawn to its journey across wild and empty moorland, murky bogs, cloud covered summits and endless rain. Yet somehow it has a hypnotic charm that persuades people to walk it, even if they never intended to do so.People like Andrew Bowden. Despite having absolutely no intent at all of walking the whole thing, somehow a two day jaunt in the Yorkshire Dales became an epic journey over several years. The Pennine Way grabbed him by the lapels – or should that be, the Gore-Tex jacket – and made the...
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Engels | E-book | 9781789244380

Richard Veilleux
Afbeelding van Potato
Botany, Production and Uses
Potatoes are a staple crop around the world. Covering all aspects of botany, production and uses, this book presents a comprehensive discussion of the most important topics for potato researchers and professionals. It assesses the latest research on plant growth such as tuber development, water use and seed production, covers all aspects of pest management and reviews postharvest issues such as storage, global markets, and of course, nutritional value and flavour.
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