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Engels | Hardcover | 9781606931059
Boek cover Finding Far Away van Lisa Wade (Hardcover)
A woman writes about her struggles and insecurities as she tries to establish herself as a supervisor among male subordinates.
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781448869459
Boek cover Christopher Paolini van Lisa Wade Mccormick (Onbekend)
Examines the life of the author of the bestselling children's novel "Eragon," including how he became published, the novels he wrote after, and the humble beginnings he came from.
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781448894222
Boek cover UCLA Basketball van Lisa Wade Mccormick (Onbekend)
No college basketball program has more Division I NCAA championships than the UCLA Bruins. From the tenure of legendary coach John Wooden, with ten national titles, to recent years under coach Ben Howland, basketball lovers can read about the records and history of this great program. Readers meet some of the eighty-two former UCLA players who went on to play in the NBA, such as Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and learn about some of the great games that took place at the famed Pauley Pavilion.
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9789054441212
Boek cover Toon over Toon - Boek + CD van Lisa Wade (Hardcover)
Toon over Toon - boek + CD Toon over Toon - Het beste van Toon Hermans is een eerbetoon een van Nederlands bekendste artiesten. Bij het boek wordt een cd geleverd met de beste nummers van Toon Hermans, zoals Méditerrané, Vierentwintig rozen en Wat ruist er door het struikgewas?. Het boek, samengesteld door Lisa Wade, geeft uitleg bij de nummers op de cd en laat Toon zelf aan het woord. Toon tekent, dicht en schildert over de onderwerpen van zijn liedjes. Hij vertelt verhalen over hoe de liedjes en conferences tot stand kwamen, maar ook persoonlijke verhalen uit zijn leven die direct met...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780393355536
Boek cover American Hookup van Lisa Wade (Paperback)
The New Culture of Sex on Campus
The hookup is now part of college life. Yet the drunken encounter we always hear about tells only a fraction of the story. Lisa Wade offers the definitive account of this new sexual culture and demonstrates that the truth is both more heartening and disturbing than we thought. Offering invaluable insights for parents, educators and students, Wade situates hookup culture within the history of sexuality, the evolution of higher education and the unfinished feminist revolution. Using new research, she maps out a challenging emotional landscape marked by unequal pleasures, competition for status...
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Engels | E-book | 9781524720186
Boek cover 16 Words van Lisa Rogers (Onbekend)
William Carlos Williams and ''The Red Wheelbarrow''
This simple nonfiction picture book about the beloved American poet William Carlos Williams is also about how being mindful can result in the creation of a great poem like ''The Red Wheelbarrow''--which is only sixteen words long. ''Look out the window. What do you see? If you are Dr. William Carlos Williams, you see a wheelbarrow. A drizzle of rain. Chickens scratching in the damp earth.'' The wheelbarrow belongs to Thaddeus Marshall, a street vendor, who every day goes to work selling vegetables on the streets of Rutherford, New Jersey. That simple action inspires poet and doctor Williams...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9780525579984
Boek cover Madame Saqui van Lisa Robinson (Hardcover)
Revolutionary Rope Dancer
A stunning picture book biography about the tightrope walker who dazzled Paris as she danced across the sky with impeccable balance and unparalleled skill during the French Revolution. In revolutionary France, a girl named Marguerite Lalanne longed to perform above large crowds on a tightrope, just like her acrobatic parents. Sneaking off to the fairgrounds for secret tightrope walking lessons, Marguerite finessed her performance skills, ultimately performing for crowds as a young rope dancer. And eventually, Marguerite would perform as Madame Saqui, waltzing and pirouetting across- and...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Rebecca Gibel | 9781684572137 | Speelduur: 08:43:29
Boek cover The Bird Boys van Lisa Sandlin (Onbekend)
A Delpha Wade and Tom Phelan Mystery
The new novel from award-winning author Lisa Sandlin catches up with the almost-murdered secretary Delpha Wade (The Do-Right, 2015, set in 1973) as she's released from a hospital in order to be tucked into the back seat of a police cruiser. Her boss, P.I. Tom Phelan, sets out to spring her. He needs her back in his investigation business, where he'll soon be chasing a skulking grand larcenist and plotting how to keep a ganjapreneur out of the grabby hands of a brand new agency, the D.E.A. Delpha digs through old records and knocks on strange doors to unravel the dangerous case of two...
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