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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780231172783
Boek cover Governing Access to Essential Resources van Pistor, Katharina (Hardcover)
Essential resources do more than satisfy people's needs. They ensure a dignified existence. Since the competition for essential resources, particularly fresh water and arable land, is increasing and standard legal institutions, such as property rights and national border controls, are strangling access to resources for some while delivering prosperity to others, many are searching for ways to ensure their fair distribution. This book argues that the division of essential resources ought to be governed by a combination of Voice and Reflexivity. Voice is the ability of social groups to choose...
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Engels | E-book | 9780231546959
Boek cover Forms of Pluralism and Democratic Constitutionalism van Frederick Cooper (Onbekend)
The achievements of the democratic constitutional order have long been associated with the sovereign nation-state. Civic nationalist assumptions hold that social solidarity and social plurality are compatible, offering a path to guarantees of individual rights, social justice, and tolerance for minority voices. Yet today, challenges to the liberal-democratic sovereign nation-state are proliferating on all levels, from multinational corporations and international institutions to populist nationalisms and revanchist ethnic and religious movements. Many critics see the nation-state itself as a...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9780691178974
Boek cover The Code of Capital van Katharina Pistor (Hardcover)
How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality
A compelling explanation of how the law shapes the distribution of wealth Capital is the defining feature of modern economies, yet most people have no idea where it actually comes from. What is it, exactly, that transforms mere wealth into an asset that automatically creates more wealth? The Code of Capital explains how capital is created behind closed doors in the offices of private attorneys, and why this little-known fact is one of the biggest reasons for the widening wealth gap between the holders of capital and everybody else. In this revealing book, Katharina Pistor argues that...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780429975509
Boek cover The Rule Of Law And Economic Reform In Russia van Jeffery Sachs (Onbekend)
What impact has Russia's chosen path of reform had on the development of law after the collapse of the communist regime? This collection of essays examines how Russia's distinctive traditions of law-and lawlessness-are shaping the current struggle for economic reform in the country. Nine renowned scholars, chosen from specialties in history, politi
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Duitstalig | Druk: 20001 | Hardcover | 9783518587607
Boek cover Der Code des Kapitals van Katharina Pistor (Hardcover)
Wie das Recht Reichtum und Ungleichheit schafft
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Italiaanstalig | E-book | 9788861056398
Boek cover Il codice del capitale van Katharina Pistor (Onbekend)
Come il diritto crea ricchezza e disuguaglianza
La profonda disuguaglianza diffusa a livello globale, che vede la maggior parte delle ricchezze mondiali concentrate nelle mani di pochissimi, costituisce uno dei temi più urgenti sui quali si concentrano studiosi e policymakers. Tuttavia, benché non manchino analisi e proposte di soluzione, sembra stranamente sfuggire una risposta precisa a una semplice domanda: come è stata creata inizialmente la ricchezza? E perché il capitale spesso sopravvive a scosse e cicli economici che lasciano tutti gli altri alla deriva, senza i guadagni accumulati in precedenza? La risposta, secondo Katharina...
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