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Bekijk hier alle boeken van Vann Joines. De boekenlijst is gerangschikt volgens de recente verkoopcijfers, dus de best verkochte boeken van de voorbije maand staan bovenaan.

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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781870244008
Boek cover Transactional Analysis Today van Ian Stewart (Paperback)
A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis
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Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9781870244015
Boek cover Personality Adaptations van Vann Joines (Paperback)
A New Guide to Human Understanding in Psychotherapy and Counselling
"This book is a practical guide to understanding personality. It presents a research-based model of six personality adaptations. Psychotherapists and counsellors, whether practising or in training, will find this model an invaluable aid to effectiveness in inviting personal change. The book describes the six adaptations in detail, and provides a framework for understanding how each adaptation develops. It goes on to show how you can assess someone’s personality adaptation(s) rapidly and accurately. With this knowledge, you can tap into a vast store of information that will apply to that...
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Duitstalig | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9783451055232
Boek cover Die Transaktionsanalyse van Ian Stewart (Paperback)
Eine Einführung
Das Standardwerk der Transaktionsanalyse.
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Engels | Druk: 2nd Revised edition | Paperback | 9781870244022
Boek cover T A Today van Ian Stewart (Paperback)
A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis
TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (TA) is a model for understanding human personality, relationships and communication. It was first developed by the late Eric Berne, MD. TA sprang to worldwide fame in the 1960s and ’70s through the publication of best-selling books like Games People Play, I’m OK - You’re OK and Born To Win. Since then, TA has continued to grow. Theory has been expanded, reappraised and tested by observation. In the years since Berne’s death in 1970, TA practitioners have introduced new concepts and techniques that are now at the very heart of the discipline. TA has long since...
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Italiaanstalig | E-book | 9788811140344
Boek cover Lanalisi transazionale van Ian Stewart (Onbekend)
L’Analisi Transazionale (A.T.) è un orientamento del più recente pensiero psicologico e al tempo stesso uno strumento terapeutico per lo sviluppo e la correzione dei disturbi della personalità. L’A.T. ci consente di accedere al significato nascosto dei codici che influenzano i diversi stati dell’Io (Genitore / Adulto / Bambino) e di comprendere quindi le dinamiche che guidano le relazioni tra noi e gli altri. Questo manuale, già celebre negli Stati Uniti, espone i criteri dell’A.T. in forma accessibile a tutti con l’aiuto di grafici, schemi esplicativi, test ed esercitazioni...
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