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Engels | Hardcover | 9781552639627
Boek cover Gymboree Face Painting van Jane B. Mason (Hardcover)
Enchanting Designs for Faces and Bodies [With 6 Colorful, Nontoxic Face Paint Crayons]
"Gymboree Face Painting" is the perfect choice for parents who want to interact with their child in a creative way while encouraging the child's imaginative abilities. The book is packed with innovative ideas for simple face and body art and includes all the tools parents and children need to take dramatic play to a new level of educational fun and excitement. Starting with the nose and working all the way down to toes, young artists create everything from colorful painted hand puppets to favorite jungle creatures. Complete with songs, rhymes, and ideas to act out, "Gymboree Face Painting"...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781405239202
Boek cover Girls Got Game! van Jane B Mason (Paperback)
Pacific Coast Academy, an all-boys boarding school, will now be accepting female students for the very first time. Zoey Brooks decides to be one of the first girls to become a student there. Zoey and her friends break down the all-boy barriers at Pacific Coast Academy, and the changes come quicker than a b-ball slam dunk. But not everyone's happy with them...Read all about Zoey's first term at PCA in Girls Got Game! , and in Dramarama find out about the boys at PCA (and how Zoey and her friends deal with all the attention!). In Pranks for Nothing discover what happens during Prank Week at...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781406236873
Boek cover Ice and Flame van Jane B. Mason (Paperback)
Super-villains HEATWAVE and CAPTAIN COLD don't like the FLASH, but they don't like each other either! They face off in a climate-changing smackdown that could spell disaster for Earth's ecosystems. The FLASH tries to take the foes one-on one, but ends up encased in arctic ice. Unable to move, FLASH watches as HEATWAVE turns up the threat level by melting the frozen seabed . . . a sea full of explosive methane gas!
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780545576420
Boek cover A Dog and His Girl Mysteries #3: Cry Woof van Sarah Hudson (Onbekend)
In the third installment of A Dog and His Girl Mysteries, things are going to the cats! Dodge and Cassie can't visit the senior center or take a walk without landing in a mystery or two. Something's up with the vitamins some people in town are taking--and something doesn't seem right about an eccentric neighbor's mysterious "fall" that leaves thirteen pets in need of homes. The former K-9 and his girl will leave no ladder unclimbed or rosebush uninvestigated to get to the bottom of the case!
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780807148556
Boek cover Southern Writers van Bryan Giemza (Onbekend)
A New Biographical Dictionary
This new edition of Southern Writers assumes its distinguished predecessor's place as the essential reference on literary artists of the American South. Broadly expanded and thoroughly revised, it boasts 604 entries-nearly double the earlier edition's-written by 264 scholars. For every figure major and minor, from the venerable and canonical to the fresh and innovative, a biographical sketch and chronological list of published works provide comprehensive, concise, up-to-date information. Here in one convenient source are the South's novelists and short story writers, poets and dramatists,...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781496574114
Boek cover The First-Date Dilemma van Jane B. Mason (Paperback)
The First-Date Dilemma
All the sixth graders at Memorial Middle School are talking about one thing: their first boy-girl party. Lucia's had enough talk about what to wear and who's going with who. If her best friend hadn't insisted, she wouldn't even go to the dumb party. But after she gets to know Adesh, she starts to thinking maybe this boy-girl party won't be so bad. Too bad he's interested in another girl. Supported with a glossary and reader response questions, this Junior High Drama story is an entertaining pick for readers and a safe choice for libraries.
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Engels | Paperback | 9781338362060
Boek cover Dusty (Rescue Dogs #2): Volume 2 van Jane B. Mason (Paperback)
Action and adventure with high stakes and a happy ending -- and dogs! When Dusty, starving and sick, is picked up on the side of the highway after losing his pack, he's lucky to be alive. The tiny Chihuahua is small enough to fit in two hands and needs special care to be nursed back to health before he can be adopted out to a forever family.Dusty recovers at the Sterling Center, where they train Search and Rescue dogs. Though the Sterlings don't think a dog as small as Dusty can do the tireless work of a SAR dog, an undeterred Dusty shows them that heart and determination matter most. Still,...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781338362138
Boek cover Gem (Rescue Dogs #4) van Jane B. Mason (Paperback)
Action and adventure with high stakes and a happy ending -- and dogs! Gem is a golden retriever puppy who loves to dig. She gets adopted out to a handful of would-be forever families, but no matter how much she wants to please her new people, she can't keep herself from digging up the roses...and the lawn...and the couch cushions...anything that's remotely diggable. Over and over she is returned to the shelter, unwanted and heartbroken. The folks at the Sterling Center recognize Gem's flaw as an asset. A dog this driven could really shine in a disaster! But soon after she arrives at the...
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Engels | E-book | 9781338362121
Boek cover Jet (Rescue Dogs #3) van Jane B. Mason (Onbekend)
Action and adventure with high stakes and a happy ending -- and dogs! Jet is a border collie puppy tired of feeling hungry and lonely. He's tired of the collar that yanks at his neck and the leash that makes things worse. When his owners move away and leave him tied up in the backyard, it seems like Jet is running out of time.When Jet is saved by a home inspector, he's taken to the Sterling Center, where he shows all the classic signs of a great rescue dog, but he's terrified of the leash. When a plane goes down in the wilderness and a snowstorm is moving in, will Jet be able to overcome...
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