Alle boeken van schrijver Ed Folino (1-10)

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Engels | Paperback | 9780595444762
Boek cover My Pittsburgh van Ed Folino (Paperback)
RETIREMENT (I recently retired from an office products dealer after eighteen years of dutiful service.) I'm riding off into the sunset; eighteen years is a long time. I'm putting away my catalog to write some irresistible rhyme. I'll miss my coworkers and my customers as well. One thing I won't miss, however, is that 6 AM alarm clock bell. My first job was delivering newspapers, and I ended up selling office supplies. After all those years of paying taxes, Social Security is awarding me a prize. I'm expected to live on what they give me. I think they are out of their minds. Although...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781450225557
Boek cover Long Time Coming van Ed Folino (Paperback)
Volume Two
PLEASE READ MY BOOK I sure would like you to read my book. Don't put it down-it's worth another look. It's full of poems, some funny, some sad. It has everything in it, from a homely cowboy to a boy and his dad. Most are fiction, but some are true. My main objective was to entertain you. This little book took a lot of time. I really racked my brain coming up with all the rhymes. But it all paid off and I hope that you'll agree. There are some great ones here-just between you and me. So tell your friends about me, I'd like to be a star. And if I sell enough of them, I can buy...
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Engels | E-book | 9781450225564
Boek cover Long Time Coming van Ed Folino (Onbekend)
Volume Two
Long Time Coming: Volume Two is a collection of rhyming poems that are actually mini-stories focusing on life, death, and humor, some real but some pure fantasy. "Ed's poetry captures everyday insights through the lens of his own life." P.L., Former columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "Thank you, Ed, for writing My Pittsburgh. I am so looking forward to your next book." L.D., Friend and former co-worker. "Ed has a special knack of making people feel wonderful inside with his words." L.K., Facilities manager, UPMC. "When I grow up I want to write poetry like Uncle Eddie."...
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