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Engels | Druk: Revised edition | Paperback | 9781568212715
Boek cover Existence van Ernest Angel (Paperback)
Since its publication, Existence has been regarded as the most important, complete, and lucid account of the existentialist approach to psychology. From the works of the leading spokesmen of the existential analytic movement, the editors have selected classic case histories and other writings to define the approach that seeks to understand mental illness, in the words of Rollo May, ...not as deviations from the conceptual yardstick of this or that psychiatrist...but as deviations in the structure of the particular patient's existence, the disruptions of his condition humane.
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780812231502
Boek cover Wrestling Angels into Song van Herman Beavers (Hardcover)
The Fictions of Ernest J. Gaines and James Alan McPherson
Herman Beavers offers a richly nuanced study of Ernes J. Gaines, James Alan McPherson, and Ralph Ellison as writers who have found ways to invest circumstances that might otherwise be seen as sites of squalor or despair with a sense of cultural vitality. He examines the Ellisonian themes and motifs the two later writers take up in their fiction, and looks at Ellison's influence on the strategies they enact to construct themselves as American writers. For Beavers, the fictions of Ellison, Gaines, and McPherson are peopled by characters who value acts of storytelling and whose stories frame...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781436398060
Boek cover More Than a Drunk - Ernest Crank, a Very Special Angel van Shirley Lindell Dixon (Paperback)
8 East: Serving My Time in Illinois State Psychiatric Institute
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Engels | Hardcover | 9781436398077
Boek cover More Than a Drunk - Ernest Crank, a Very Special Angel van Shirley Lindell Dixon (Hardcover)
8 East: Serving My Time in Illinois State Psychiatric Institute
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Engels | E-book | 9780463124710
Boek cover Angel Dark van G. Ernest Smith (Onbekend)
Samira Task learned the truth about life at an early age. The world was full of self-obsessed manipulative people who only wanted to use and abuse you, and if you weren't one of the privileged people, you were nothing. Her mother and father were both gone and she had been unjustly sentenced to the Klein Juvenile Facility. She soon discovered evil men were using the facility to victimize young girls, and now at the tender age of fifteen she was going to pay the price. Three thugs had beaten her almost to death and had dragged her broken bloody body out to the Mojave desert to finish the job...
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Engels | E-book | 9781641383899
Boek cover Strange Angels van Ernest Keegan (Onbekend)
Marylou Caponi inherited the boxing gym she had practically grown up in from her late father. It isn't easy being in a male dominated business but her strong will and determination and savvy about the "game" make it work out most of the time. Dan McClain is her head trainer, a former fighter, a handsome leftover from her father's time. He and Marylou have been on and off lovers over the years. Now past 40 years of age but not appearing nearly so, she questions her own attractiveness to the opposite sex. Both Dan and Marylou deal with challenges, sometimes violent, brought to them in the new...
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Druk: 1 | E-book | 9788412260632
Boek cover L´Or del Rei van Ernest Prunera Aledo (Onbekend)
Imprescindible lectura Joan Ferragut, un escritor de éxito en horas bajas a causa de la reciente muerte de su mujer y su único hijo en accidente de tráfico, se desplaza a la Baronia de Mancamans, un pueblo aislado entre montañas, donde ha heredado una vieja mansión. Nada más llegar descubrirá que el cuidador de la mansión ha aparecido colgado de un roble cercano a la decrépita casa, en lo que aparentemente es un suicidio. Pero mientras intenta concentrarse en la novela que debería lanzarlo de nuevo a la fama, Ferragut descubrirá que hay gente en el pueblo dispuesta a matar para...
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