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Engels | Druk: Tie-In ed. | Paperback | 9780451192578
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Boek cover Donnie Brasco van Joseph D. Pistone (Paperback)
My Undercover Life in the Mafia: a True Story by an FBI Agent
A former FBI special agent tells how he lived as a Mafia insider for over six years, gathering evidence on the mob's involvement in extortion, gambling, drug trafficking, and murder
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Engels | Druk: Main | Paperback | 9780571221240
Boek cover The Donnie Darko Book van Richard Kelly (Paperback)
Introduction by Jake Gyllenhaal
'Extraordinary . . . Film of the year.' Sleazenation 'Magnificently bizarre . . . Wonderful.' Empire 'Unlike anything you'll have seen before . . . Honestly mind-blowing.' BBC Radio 1 'Stunning . . . Totally original.' Time Out 'Dazzling . . . Demands a second viewing.' Total Film The critical and audience response made Donnie Darko the cult film of the year - one whose dark ambiguities caused audiences to go back to the film again and again trying to fathom its mysteries. This book brings its readers further into the world of Donnie Darko and its creator Richard Kelly. Contained within these...
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Engels | Druk: New title | Hardcover | 9780762427079
Boek cover Donnie Brasco van Donnie Brasco (Hardcover)
Unfinished Business - The Final Chapter In The Fbi'S Greatest Mafia Sting - With Shocking Declassified Details From The Donnie Brasco Operation And A Timeline Of The Fall Of The Mafia
When FBI Special Agent, Joe Pistone began what was supposed to be a six-month operation infiltrating New York's Bonanno crime family in 1975, he had no idea what was about to happen. Posing as jewel thief Donnie Brasco, Pistone would spend the next six years undercover in the Family, witnessing - and sometimes participating in - the Mafia's gruesome activities, while gathering enough evidence to send over 200 gangsters to jail. Pistone told his story in the 1988 book Donnie Brasco - a New York Times bestseller, which was made into a feature film starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. But,...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789021530000
5 op 5 sterren
Boek cover War Child van E. Jal (Paperback)
Van Kindsoldaat Tot Rapper
Tijdens de burgeroorlog in Soedan, midden jaren tachtig komt de dan zevenjarige Emmanuel als een van de 10.000 kindsoldaten bij het Sudan People's Liberation Army terecht. Jal maakt alle verschrikkingen van de oorlog mee, maar ziet kans om met steun van een Britse hulpverleenster naar Kenia te vluchten. Daar bouwt hij een nieuw leven op en stort zich met succes in de muziek. Jal is inmiddels een bekende rapper in Afrika, maar ook daarbuiten. 'Emmanuel vertelt in War Child het verhaal dat niet vaak genoeg verteld kan worden. Over de menselijke verschrikking die oorlog heet, en over de...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9781602397910
Boek cover Iranian Rappers and Persian Porn van Jamie Maslin (Hardcover)
A Hitchhiker's Adventures in the New Iran
Iran looms large in the psyche of modern America. For decades, it has been the enemy, its government taunting us and attacking our Western, secular lifestyle. That is largely the Iranian government, however, not the Iranian people. Here's the proof. When Jamie Maslin decides to backpack the entire length of the Silk Road, he decides to travel first and plan later. Then, unexpectedly stranded in a country he's only read about in newspapers, he decides to make the best of it but wonders whether he'll make it out alive. Maslin finds himself suddenly plunged into a subversive, contradictory world...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789048802777
4.3 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Donnie Brasco van Verbunt Ppp (Paperback)
In 1978 riep de Amerikaanse regering de oorlog uit tegen de georganiseerde misdaad. Een man werd welbewust achter de linies gelaten: van 1976 tot 1981 werkte speciaal agent Joseph Pistone undercover voor de maffia. Pistone ¿ die opereerde onder het alias Donnie Brasco, en zich voordeed als een juwelendief ¿ kon jarenlang zijn vrouw en pasgeboren kind niet zien. Hij at, dronk, feestte, werkte en ¿ soms ¿ moordde met de ¿wiseguys¿: hij kent hun vrouwen, vriendinnen, maîtresses en hoeren. Hij raakte zo close met zijn maffiapartner Lefty Ruggiero, dat die hem als getuige vroeg op zijn...
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Engels | E-book | 9781101154069
5 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Donnie Brasco van Joseph D. Pistone (Onbekend)
Posing as jewel thief ''Donnie Brasco,'' FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone carried out the most audacious sting operation ever, working undercover for six years to infiltrate the flamboyant community of mafia soldiers, ''connected guys,'' captains, and godfathers. Now his unforgettable eyewitness account brings to pulsating life the entire world of wiseguys-their code of honor and their treachery, their wives, girlfriends and whores, their lavish spending and dirty dealings. With the drama and suspense of a high-tension thriller, Joseph Pistone reveals every incredible aspect of the jealously...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781442273276
Boek cover The Word Rhythm Dictionary van Timothy Polashek (Paperback)
A Resource for Writers, Rappers, Poets, and Lyricists
The Word Rhythm Dictionary: A Resource for Writers, Rappers, Poets, and Lyricists is a new kind of dictionary-one that reflects the use of rhythm rhymes by rappers, poets, and songwriters of today. This is an eminently practical reference work for all wordsmiths looking to add musicality to their writing. Users of this dictionary can alphabetically look up words in the General Index to find collections of words that have the same rhythm as the original word and are readily useable in ways that are familiar to us in everything from vers libre poetry to the lyrics and music of Bob Dylan and hip...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780451498878
Boek cover KANYE WEST OWES ME $300 van Jensen Karp (Paperback)
And Other True Stories From A White Rapper WhoAlmost Made It Big
"Kanye West Owes Me $300 might be the funniest rap memoir ever." –LA Weekly After Vanilla Ice, but before Eminem, there was ''Hot Karl,'' the Jewish kid from the L.A. suburbs who became a rap battling legend—and then almost became a star. When 12-year old Jensen Karp got his first taste of rapping for crowds at his friend's bar mitzvah in 1991, little did he know that he was taking his first step on a crazy journey—one that would end with a failed million-dollar recording and publishing deal with Interscope Records when he was only 19. Now, in Kanye West Owes Me $300, Karp finally...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781793978912
Boek cover Travis Scott Adult Coloring Book van Thandie Lane (Paperback)
Legendary American Rapper and Acclaimed Artist, Trap and Hip Hop Producer and Musical Prodigy Inspired Adult Coloring Book
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