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Boek cover Fathering Madame Midnight van Ssaint-Jems
Zazah Clemens, the Late-Night-Guardian on the (Pussy/Whole) If that Unloved Man Who's Stuck in the Puffiness of Hell is Fuming with Peeve---this is not misogyny in reverse or that weak and sappy love letter from Romeo, although his note about her calling is ideal---where I've found the A in her All when the fornication of her Vee is turned into what First start Above---is how we'll Art into Heaven: Satan's fire Uncreatively burn down. And by the Creativity of her Clitoris her Cunt everything with Soul---even those Luciferian Feminist at times fail to reasonably draw---in Wrongly...
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Engels | E-book | 9781370982615
Boek cover From Flesh Into Freedom: The War Between Worlds---From soldier to Soldier van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
Under the miserable fog of whatever it is---the arduous shade of this need-to-defeat dominance, known and unknown: I will never allow to take me alive; despite the thousand or so mutilated casualties this continual sorrow causes: this suffering vehemently needs, to un-do---in any stability in the sudden retreat---evil keeps down. Dump from out the Womb of the Sky---I wish I knew beyond this mortal barrier: where we think it is, where up-Top---the Spirit suppose---which can un-lock everything that it is---we unfortunately must live through. I know myself much greater than the Madman in full...
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Engels | E-book | 9781370072675
Boek cover Voyage Into Haiti / In Haitian Creole, French and Spanish: Adventure Beauty Horror Love and Legend: A Particular History of Haiti---Author Creator of the Cinematic Book van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
I'm shrouded by a force similar to all of the inner womb's love and patience---right at the instance of the new-born entrance of this unpredictable reception. I'm alive as the welcome in this very place---overwhelm by a high spirit of something else I can't explain. Unsure of the greetings up top the steps into Haiti---otherworldly powers presents all sorts of strange feelings, natured with a beautiful confusion that enlightens me with colorful surprise. Of all the elevated glory I've heard about incarnation: I believe I'm blissfully caught, in that Coming-To-Life spell during this heavenly...
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Engels | E-book | 9781370851195
Boek cover The Spirits of Art / The Creation of the Soul / Photo-Book van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
The creation of the soul once held inside at the beginning---becomes liberated in the Canvas of the outer dimension of physicality---that now is practically alive in full Form, at a much freer form of physicality---at the Sculptor's stage, although the creation of the soul is still confine to a material form. The soul's creation was first practically dormant in the hard structure of the Photographer's inner frame---where the creation of the soul lack intelligence to think---that the Painter fully does with color and shade; for how the Soul-less process of the Chaos, the creation of the soul...
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Engels | E-book | 9781370939916
Boek cover Nickys Affliction: Inside the Mind of Juvenile Correction van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
Finally, I'm called by the court officer, where the highly esteemed stature of his directive personality momentarily befriends me with a welcoming acknowledgement that tells me to step forward. The worthy ideas of his position seems remarkably true through the official patches of his attire and numerous keys that are used to open the many hidden gates in this world, into other dimensions far from this public's watchful eyes. A bold and very loud regard for those whom will step toward a judicial throne, is made significantly praise-worthy through the association of this awaiting ruler's...
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Engels | E-book | 9781370094745
Boek cover The Universes Mystique van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
Love is the encompassing magnet that compels humanity towards its highest development, when peaked into the dimension of this grand liberty. Although benevolent, the lesser worlds that worship its divine esteem, corrupts the majestic valor of this universal force, which transform its pure omnipotence into a blessed-doom, for the sake of ingenious birth within the spirited core of the gradually wise aspirant. Love is the essential force that underlines every creation within the entire space of the world and beyond. If existence itself were stripped to its inborn base, then love would be the...
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Engels | E-book | 9781370516865
Boek cover The (Whole-Womb-Hole) van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
THE (WHOLE-WOMB-HOLE) To Her---ARTHUR a KNIGHT in Shining Armor Ssaint-Jems---1K to 900k - 1M to 900M - 1B to 900B In the Modernity of . . . Bible - Qur'an - Bahai Faith - Taoism - Confucianism - Buddhism - Zen - Jainism Sikhism - Hinduism - Zoroastrian - Bhagavadgita - Kojiki - Catholicism - Look Who's Talking Latter Day Saints: Past Present Victory-1804 Millennium---The (OVUM) Creation Understanding the GREATER-BODY . . . (O) OVUM - Zona Pellucida - Corona Radiata ETERNITY - Solar Space - Wormhole Space CHROMOSOME XX and XY - Pussy/Whole - Zygote Despite the spiritually...
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Engels | E-book | 9780463187739
Boek cover Nature of Ayiti: / Θεός των θεών /---Goddess and God / XX - Solèy La and Syèl La - XY: Bible, Bondye Bon Mwen / Latter-Day Saints --- Ave Marie Créole La van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
What was suddenly ( - (O) {{{(O)}}} - ) initiated---/ Γοδδεσσεσ Γοδ---γοδ ιντο μαν /---through a gradual Chronological---motion/Motion/MOTION that WOVE/Wove/wove---into GENESIS; too, what had happen---in the City of Nain---where the Widow's Son was taught its Ideological---/ Τυχερός Zile /---Scripture: this is it---The (OVUM) Creation---Personified in the Eden of Ave Marie Créole La; this, the Immaculate and World-Renowned Nature of Ayiti---in Goddess and God. Through the ENLIGTENED Holiness of the In/Eternal concept in---/ Θεός των θεών /---the...
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Engels | E-book | 9780463076842
Boek cover ||||Sunlight\\\\\\\\ - tear Worthy to the /*Cosmos|* - Nature of Ayiti in Goddess and God - { { {\\\\\\\\O////} } } van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
After the revelation of realizing how Eternity would work — this Morning I woke Up to a particular Sunlight — (O) | [ \\\\||||//// ] — and saw a reflection I never seen before on my Window — [ ////O\\\\ ] | [ \\\\O\\\\o ] — where I then had a Star struck — insight into what I saw: it was like a Beautiful Pearly Haze — that would be Drenched in Gold — luminous as Thunder gently Zephyrus than air — Soften into a Cloud: [{{{||||}}}] | [ \\\\ ~ ] The reflection of the Sunlight (O) through my Window — were like Rays {{{(O)}}} that seem to speak to me — expressing itself - [...
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Engels | E-book | 9780463692882
Boek cover Breille Vizyon — ( Rays \\ __ O ~ / Enligtened - O)} } truth \\ __ [artise—/ / /^Neuronal) van Ssaint-Jems (Onbekend)
from that - space of _ . / ` | Spirit = /* —Star Dust— ` \\ ~ from the (STAR) Programs (( ( our |. Existence with a Particular Ideological Brilliance )} [[[[[[ in those very Rays |||||||
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