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Engels | Paperback | 9780373242450
Boek cover The Long Way Home van Cheryl Reavis (Paperback)
The Long Way Home by Cheryl Reavis released on Mar 25, 1999 is available now for purchase.
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Engels | Druk: 0000 | E-book | 9781426889950
Boek cover The Music Box van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
Navajo policeman Ben Toomey was out of his element and knee-deep in something worse than Window Rock's usual chaos. Wealthy Eden Trevoy, the little visitor he'd once adored, was back on the reservation, all grown-up—and tangled in secrets about her lost heritage. She needed Ben's help, and somehow he just couldn't turn her away. But Ben's People said the outsider would never fit into his world, and Eden had her own doubts about her newfound heritage. Yet as Eden learned more about where she came from, she discovered where she truly belonged…with Ben.
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Engels | Paperback | 9780373241477
Boek cover Tenderly van Cheryl Reavis (Paperback)
Tenderly by Cheryl Reavis released on Nov 24, 1997 is available now for purchase.
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Engels | E-book | 9781459273504
Boek cover Mother to Be van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
WAS COYOTE, EARTH'S MISCHIEF MAKER, MEDDLING IN MATTERS OF THE HEART? Knee-deep in her forties, attorney Lillian Slinger long ago left her Navajo ways behind. And tribal lawman Johnny Becenti despised her for it. So why had their People selected her to cajole Johnny out of his sudden self-exile? All she could do was bother him senseless! But aggravation soon sparked passion. And the lifelong warriors made love. But could they make peace? For they'd already made a baby… And Coyote howled with glee! FAMILY BLESSINGS. One big family. One proud People. Beset by Earth's...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781459235489
Boek cover The Soldiers Wife van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
"Promise Me You'll Help Her." Former Union soldier Jeremiah "Jack" Murphy should never have given his word to a dying man, especially a Rebel. But now he feels honor-bound to carry the message to the man's young bride. Besides, with false charges following him, Jack needs somewhere to turn. After he fulfills his promise, perhaps the North Carolina mountains can give this weary soldier some shelter. Yet when he meets beautiful widow Sayer Garth, leaving is the last thing on Jack's mind. Sayer, and her young sisters-in-law, need help that Jack is more than willing to provide. If only he could...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781408988145
Boek cover The Bartered Bride (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Historical) van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
"Do We Marry Or Not, Caroline Holt?" It occurred to Caroline that everyone in her small North Carolina community accepted the obvious reason for her agreeing to marry Frederich Graeber. She was pregnant, and the real father of her baby was unwilling. She was due in a few short months. Her unborn child would have everything to gain by Caroline making the strong, silent farmer her husband… . The Marriage Pledge "If you marry me, then the child will be mine… ." With Frederich's words ringing in her ears, Caroline made her decision. She'd become his bartered bride… and risk giving...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781460316115
Boek cover An Unexpected Wife van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
Her Deepest Secret Giving up her out-of-wedlock son was the only right choice. Still, Kate Woodward aches that she isn't part of his life. She can't heal herself, but she can help former Confederate soldier Robert Markham rebuild his war-shattered life. But helping Robert is drawing them irresistibly close—even as Kate fears she can never be the one he deserves.… Battlefield loss and guilt rekindled Robert's faith and brought him home to Atlanta. And Kate's past only makes him more determined to show this steadfast, caring woman that she deserves happiness. Now, with her secrets revealed...
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Engels | E-book | 9781459261419
Boek cover HARRIGANS BRIDE van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
Abiah's Heart Waged A Battle Of Its Own Abiah Calder had always loved Thomas Harrigan. Always. But the war had contrived to make them enemies. Now that same war had bound them as man and wife. Yet did Thomas' heart's desire truly match her own? When Thomas Harrigan found Abby dying in an abandoned house, he risked everything to see her safe. No matter that he was a Yankee captain and she a loyal Rebel. She was all that had been good and true in his life-and he would claim her as his own; and damn the consequences.
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Engels | E-book | 9781611947441
Boek cover Band of Brothers van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
Standalone Sequel to The Marine
No man left behind . . . Marine Sergeant Joshua Caven Josh finally has his shattered personal life in some kind of order. He has found the family he never knew he had, and thanks to them, he can do his duty and complete his deployment in Afghanistan, knowing his baby daughter is safe. It should be smooth sailing . . . until Chris Young--the living, breathing reason his wife abandoned him and their baby--is assigned to his unit. Corporal Danny Benton Danny knows the Marine Corps basically saved his life, but he still feels guilty for joining--escaping--and leaving his younger brother...
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Spaanstalig | E-book | 9788491881674
Boek cover Caído del cielo van Cheryl Reavis (Onbekend)
Los opuestos se atraían, pero… ¿qué pasaría después? Él estaba a punto de adentrarse en una zona en guerra, no podía comenzar ninguna relación. Ella estaba luchando por la custodia de su hijo, no podía arriesgarse a empezar un romance. Él tenía antepasados navajos y de ellos había heredado su sabiduría espiritual. Ella no sabía absolutamente nada sobre sus tradiciones. Además de todo eso, las familias de Will Baron y de Arley Meehan querían proteger a sus hijos y se oponían a que estuviesen juntos. Si eran inteligentes, se alejarían el uno del otro. Si seguían los...
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