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Engels | Paperback | 9781515319962
Boek cover Earnestly Seeking God van Caroline S Cooper (Paperback)
A Study of Psalm 63
Earnestly Seeking God: A Study of Psalm 63 is an 8-week group study that can also be used for individual study. Lessons are divided into 5 days of material that will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete each day. The daily lesson material is divided into three parts. First, questions for personal reflection are provided to introduce the topic and help study participants recognize the relevance of God's Word. Second, the Bible study section provides commentary and questions for a line-by-line study of the psalm. Additional Scriptures are used to support the teachings of the psalm and...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781516965663
Boek cover Bible Basics van Caroline S Cooper (Paperback)
Genesis to Revelation
Bible Basics is an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The charts and exercises included in the study will be valuable resources for those new to Bible study as well as more experienced Bible students. The 12-week study includes an introduction, lessons on each division of the Bible, and tips for studying Scripture. Lesson outlines and supplemental teaching notes are provided to aid group leaders in developing lesson plans. There are appendices on topics ranging from, ''What does it mean to be a Christian?'' to the importance of prayer in Bible study. The Bible Basics curriculum...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781984336521
Boek cover In This Corner van Caroline S Cooper (Paperback)
Battling Depression from Inside the Ring
In This Corner: Battling Depression from Inside the Ring, uses an analogy of a boxing match to represent author Caroline S. Cooper's fight to victory over depression by relying on God for the strength to throw the knockout punch. The book is filled with personal stories and insights to encourage you to keep your gloves up and your feet moving. Just as in any boxing match, the books is divided into different rounds representing different phases in the recovery process: Round 1 - Facing the Opposition, Round 2 - Get Out of the Clinch, and Round 3 - The Knockdown Punch. Written in workbook...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781726294744
Boek cover Support Group Success van Caroline S Cooper (Paperback)
It All Begins with Hope
Support Group Success: It All Begins with Hope is a workbook intended to accompany a live training presentation for support group leaders. Many types of groups would benefit from this training, such as divorce, grief, mental illness, parenting, and health issues. The common purpose of support groups is to offer hope and encouragement in a safe, healthy environment. For more information on training workshops, email Caroline S. Cooper at
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