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Engels | Paperback | 9781490332963
Boek cover Stronger Love van Denise Phoebe Salmon (Paperback)
Stronger Love
The book is filled with lovely poetry ,written with rhymes. They tell about the things that makes love so special. Like forgiveness, unity , patience , great communication and a lot more. In this book love is truly explored and written about in a very special way, so that everyone who reads it, can have a much better understanding of this very important word.Love is needed for all relationships, without it they all tend to have problems. So that is why this book has been written in a special way , so that readers can get a better grasp of what the real meaning of the word "Love" is.Better...
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Engels | E-book | 9781476371641
Boek cover Jamaica Mi Paradise van Denise Salmon (Onbekend)
Poetry is like oxygen…it makes us feel so alive….it directs our consciousness to the altar of happiness and peace. The collection of nine poems are so intimately tied to the soil and the spirit of Jamaica it makes one feel relaxed, on a hot day, under a cool star apple tree. The poems convey the struggles of a young democracy, the hopes of its people and the path walked to attain the characteristics of the typical Jamaican and his/her culture. Jamaica No Problem posits the inner workings of who is and what makes a Jamaican. It struts forth with peacock pride or arrogance in describing...
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Engels | E-book | 9781476178042
Boek cover Game Fishing Salmon,Trout,,By Flies, Spinner, Or Worm van Denis Bromell (Onbekend)
Game fishing:salmon,trout,sea trout,by flies, spinners,or worm,A very informative book,with many tips when fishing for the salmon or trout,easy read. From the great Atlantic salmon to the beautiful brown trout and of course the American run salmon and trout, a chance to obtain more information on the skillful art of fly fishing at its best Explaining the best times of the season to use certain fly's for your ultimate success when stalking the best specimen fish. just follow the link for your copy and download it right now.obtain information on some of the best and oldest flies ever...
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