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Engels | E-book | 9781301802203
Boek cover Predictions van Christine Mccaffrie (Onbekend)
It is the dawn of the twentieth century. Three young women from a small town look foward to writing their own stories on its blank canvas. With the enthusiasm and naivety of youth, they foresee only that it will be a century of great promise and progress, one that will positively build on the achievements of its predecessor. In the dying days of 1899, Edith Steins, Wilma Fredricks and Rose Miller agree to meet on the first day of the twentieth century to compile a list of predictions. They then determine to meet on the same day in 1920, 1950 and 1970, to see which have come to pass. While...
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Engels | E-book | 9781476049328
Boek cover In Pursuit of Happiness van Christine Mccaffrie (Onbekend)
Georgia Sills and Charles Ravenwood are separated on their wedding day. Their lives, instead of being comfortable and privileged as expected, become deprived and perilous. Both struggle to survive in harsh environments in England and Australia during the 1850s and beyond. In Pursuit of Happiness is a 'riches to rags' saga, where the two protagonists discover they are ill-equipped to cope with the challenges life has set them, yet they persevere through strength of character and willingness to adapt. Eventually they recognise and appreciate the value of the lessons learned, but not before...
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