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Spaanstalig | Druk: Abridged edition | Paperback | 9780872864283
Boek cover The Essential Neruda van Pablo Neruda (Paperback)
Selected Poems
This bilingual collection of Neruda's most essential poems is indispensable. Selected by a team of poets and prominent Neruda scholars in both Chile and the U.S., this is a definitive selection that draws from the entire breadth and width of Neruda's various styles and themes. An impressive group of translators that includes Alistair Reid, Stephen Mitchell, Robert Hass, Stephen Kessler and Jack Hirschman, have come together to revisit or completely retranslate the poems; and a handful of previously untranslated works are included as well. This selection sets the standard for a...
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Engels | Druk: Bilingual 'facing page' edition | Paperback | 9781852248628
Boek cover Th Essential Neruda van Pablo Neruda (Paperback)
Selected Poems
Pablo Neruda (1904-73) was the greatest Latin American poet of the 20th century. A prolific, inspirational poet, he wrote many different kinds of poems covering a wide range of themes, notably love, death, grief and despair. His poetry celebrates the dramatic Chilean landscape and rages against the exploitation of his people, for whom he became a national hero. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971 for 'a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and dreams'. This book presents fifty of his most essential poems in dynamic new...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781270289333
Boek cover Harman V. Commissioner of Internal Revenue U.S. Supreme Court Transcript of Record with Supporting Pleadings van Mark Eisner (Paperback)
The Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978 contains the world's most comprehensive collection of records and briefs brought before the nation's highest court by leading legal practitioners - many who later became judges and associates of the court. It includes transcripts, applications for review, motions, petitions, supplements and other official papers of the most-studied and talked-about cases, including many that resulted in landmark decisions. This collection serves the needs of students and researchers in American legal history, politics, society and...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781275091078
Boek cover Henry R. Towne, Plaintiff, vs. Mark Eisner, Collector, Etc., Defendant. van Ben A Matthews (Paperback)
Full Title: "Henry R. Towne, Plaintiff, vs. Mark Eisner, Collector, Etc., Defendant."Description: "The Making of the Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926" collection provides descriptions of the major trials from over 300 years, with official trial documents, unofficially published accounts of the trials, briefs and arguments and more. Readers can delve into sensational trials as well as those precedent-setting trials associated with key constitutional and historical issues and discover, including the Amistad Slavery case, the Dred Scott case and Scopes "monkey" trial."Trials" provides unfiltered...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781606999875
Boek cover Take That, Adolf van Mark Fertig (Paperback)
The Fighting Comics of the Second World War
This is a compilation of more than 500 stunningly restored comics covers published during World War II, featuring the world's greatest supervillain. Between 1941 and 1945, Hitler was pummeled on comic book covers by everyone from Captain America to Wonder Woman. Take That, Adolf! is an oversized compilation of more than 500 stunningly restored comics covers published during World War II, featuring the world's greatest super-villain. From Superman and Daredevil to propaganda and racism, Take That, Adolf! is a fascinating look at how legendary creators such as Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Alex...
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Engels | E-book | 9780062694225
Boek cover Neruda van Mark Eisner (Onbekend)
The Biography of a Poet
A Finalist for the PEN/Bograd Weld Prize for Biography The most definitive biography to date of the poet Pablo Neruda, a moving portrait of one of the most intriguing and influential figures in Latin American history Few poets have captured the global imagination like Pablo Neruda. In his native Chile, across Latin America, and in many other parts of the world, his name and legacy have become almost synonymous with liberation movements, and with the language of erotic love. Neruda: The Poet's Calling is the product of fifteen years of research by Mark Eisner, writer, translator, and...
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Spaanstalig | E-book | 9781418597672
Boek cover Neruda: el llamado del poeta van Mark Eisner (Onbekend)
Un convincente retrato biográfico de una de las figuras más fascinantes e influyentes en la historia de América Latina, Pablo Neruda. Pocos poetas han capturado la imaginacion mundial como Pablo Neruda. En su país natal, Chile, como en toda América Latina y en muchas otras partes del mundo, su nombre y su legado se han convertido casi en un sinonimo de movimientos de liberacion, y con el lenguaje del amor erotico. Este libro es el producto de quience años de investigacion por Mark Eisner, escritor, traductor y director de documentales. El libro describe vívidamente su vida, prosa...
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Spaanstalig | Luisterboek | 9781504798730 | Speelduur: 02:09:00
Boek cover El Neruda Esencial van Pablo Neruda (Onbekend)
Poemas Seleccionados
Más de cien años después de su nacimiento, la poesía de Pablo Neruda es tan vital y querida como siempre. Esta colección presenta cincuenta poemas esenciales de uno de los más grandes poetas de la historia en nuevas traducciones dinámicas, fruto de una colaboración sin precedentes entre un equipo de poetas, traductores y los principales eruditos del mundo. Una selección definitiva que se basa en toda la amplitud de los diferentes estilos, temas y períodos de Neruda. El Neruda esencial da vida y comprensión al mundo de uno de los tesoros de América Latina y del mundo.
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Engels | Paperback | 9781951142070
Boek cover Resistencia van Julia Alvarez (Paperback)
Poems of Protest and Revolution
Resistencia: Poems of Protest and RevolutionResistenciaIncluded in English translation alongside their original language, the fifty-four poems in Resistencia are a testament to the art of translation as much as the act of resistance. An all-star team of translators, including former US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera along with young, emerging talent, have made many of the poems available for the first time to an English-speaking audience. Urgent, timely, and absolutely essential, these poems inspire us all to embrace our most fearless selves and unite against all forms of tyranny and...
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Engels | E-book | 9781951142087
Boek cover Resistencia: Poems of Protest and Revolution van  (Onbekend)
"To read these poems is to be reminded again and again of our true allegiance to each other." —from the introduction by Julia Alvarez With a powerful and poignant introduction from Julia Alvarez, Resistencia: Poems of Protest and Revolution is an extraordinary collection, rooted in a strong tradition of protest poetry and voiced by icons of the movement and some of the most exciting writers today. The poets of Resistencia explore feminist, queer, Indigenous, and ecological themes alongside historically prominent protests against imperialism, dictatorships, and economic inequality. Within...
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